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Avanade Connected Store: omni-channel retail with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Avanade’s Connected Store is an end-to-end retail software solution that delivers a personalized and omni-channel shopping experience for your customers from in-store and point-of-sale to e-commerce and mobile. With Connected Store your customer is firmly in the center of attention.

Shopping used to go like this: customer ‘X’ went to shop ‘Y’ to buy product ‘Z’ and was looking for sales assistance in his or her shopping experience. The two key points of selling a product to a customer were:

  • Get the customer into your shop with the use of traditional advertising.
  • Have the sales expertise to assist the customer in making his or her purchase decision.

Today, traditional retail is no more. The modern customer is well-informed by all the digital technology at his disposal and is quickly redefining the shopping experience with himself as the central point. Your store has in fact become ‘My store’.


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Retail is no longer about where the customer CAN shop, but about how and when the customer WANTS to shop. Digital and mobile technology not only allows your customers to be well-informed, it also allows them to choose from a variety of shopping channels to purchase the product of their choice: the classic physical shop, online, kiosk, vending and mobile. At this point in time non-store channels are growing roughly ten times faster than store channels.

The five key consumer trends that are driving this new shopping experience are:

  • Give me control and choice
  • Help me help myself
  • Know me everywhere
  • Let me share and learn
  • Help me on the go

Best business practice has always been and still is to win the customer, but the expectations of the demanding customer today are drastically changing the way to achieve this.

Delivering the right shopping experience

To deliver the right shopping experience for these new customers, retailers must remain relevant and close to their customers. This can of course be achieved in new physical stores, but it is equally important to have strong online and mobile shopping channels. The main challenge here is to find store solutions that are efficient and cost-effective, while simultaneously embracing innovation and providing an excellent shopping and service experience.

Retailers are currently facing the following challenges:

  • Manage operating and capital costs
  • Predict fluctuations in demand
  • Smoothly integrate new (mobile) innovations with existing systems and processes
  • Scale new technology with current store infrastructure
  • Re-train sales staff to meet the demands of the smarter-than-ever customers
Point Of Sale: the touch point challenges

At the heart of the modern shopping experience is the in-store point-of-sale system (POS), acting as the hub of all store channels, the touch point. Most current POS systems are difficult to upgrade and integrate with new mobile and e-commerce technology. On top of that, they are very often expensive to keep in operation.

All this makes a strong case for an integrated in-store system that is global, flexible, scalable, easy to deploy and omni-channel integrated. A system that can achieve customer service excellence, facilitate high performance and be cost-effective at the same time.

The Connected Store

Avanade’s Connected Store offering enables retailers to drive their growth strategy and win customers by providing an end-to-end software solution that is flexible, scalable, cost-effective and easy to integrate with your existing channels and software – from in-store and point-of-sale to e-commerce and mobile. This results in an improved and differentiated shopping experience for customers, with increased speed-to-market and reduced operating costs for retailers. The customer is your focal point, and Connected store puts him or her firmly in the center of attention.

Co-developed by Accenture and based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, our Connected store solution helps retailers gain customer and store insight and translates this insight into effective and targeted strategies that not only create added value for loyal customers but also attract new customers.

Avanade's Connected Store, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, helps you:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by enabling your customers to shop across multiple channels.
  • Increase sales by supporting sophisticated marketing campaigns and promotions at checkout
  • Improve availability by streamlining merchandise replenishment
  • Reduce inventory costs by gaining a 360-degree view into inventory flow
  • Enhance your brand by quickly responding to dynamic market conditions with flexible pricing and promotions

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